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Royalty Publishing House is where the Royals reside. Dedicated to giving you top quality urban literature. Royalty is key; Quality is a given. A publishing house with a royal flare and readers who make up the divine dynasty. Owned and operated by Porscha Sterling.

Porscha Sterling CEO


Best Sellers

Porscha Sterling is a best selling author, publisher and entrepreneur. She's best known as the author of the King of the Streets, Queen of His Heart series, which sold more than 5,000 copies in the first 24 hours of the release of each part of the series.

Born in Hollywood, FL, Sterling obtained her Bachelor's degree in Psychology and her Master's degree in Business Management before deciding to follow her passion and write novels. Her first novel, 3 Queens, was released in January 2014 and since then, she's gone on to pen dozens of novels, with each of them topping the best-seller's list in their genre. In late 2014, Sterling explored writing under the pen name, Leah Carrington, and released an interracial romance series, titled The Billionaire's Secret Wife, which debuted in the top 5 on the best-seller's list for Multiracial Romance novels.

In 2014, Sterling decided to try her hand at publishing and Royalty Publishing House was created. Under her expert leadership, Royalty Publishing House has established itself as a stronghold in the African-American literary community, publishing many top-selling novels in the Urban, Contemporary Romance, Interracial Romance and Women's Fiction genres. Royalty Publishing House also has many subsidiary companies, publishing in multiple genres, not limited to Paranormal Fiction, Historical Romance, Erotica and Christian Fiction. Currently, Sterling is striving to make Royalty Publishing House a full service publishing company that is able to meet the needs of every reader regardless of their taste preferences.

In 2016, Sterling partnered with fellow best-selling author and publisher, Leo Sullivan, on the launch of a mobile app, known as the LiT eReader, that enables readers to access exclusive material published between the two companies as well as other independent authors. Regarded as something new and fresh within the African-American fiction industry, the LiT eReading application is said to give readers a premium reading experience, enabling them to read novels as they never have before.

Sterling's current focus is on being an amazing mother to her son, leading Royalty Publishing House into literary greatness and providing high quality and entertaining novels to her dedicated readers as well as heading the new and upcoming blog, The Queen Dynasty. She also looks to expand her brand by focusing on children's novels and exploring film and stage plays in the near future.

To contact Porscha Sterling regarding appearances or events, please email her at You can follow Porscha on Twitter; Instagram; or visit

Quiana Nicole VP

Quiana Nicole was born and raised in California, where she currently resides with her husband and children. Although her desire for writing began when she was younger, it wasn’t until much later that her passion for writing grew from a hobby into therapy.

When she’s not writing, she enjoys spending time with her family, reading, and shopping. Her debut novel, Dirty Lil Secrets, was her first release under Royalty Publishing House. Her second release was These Hoes Ain't Loyal.

While she works on other projects, she would love to her from her readers and supporters.

Please contact her on Twitter; on Facebook; or by email and feel free to visit her website at

Nina Simmons CCO

Nina Simmons is an experienced and driven Creative Director with a strong emphasis on Graphic Design for business and marketing communications. She also has a passion for interior design, typography, and photography.

Simmons is responsible for all branding and creative marketing for Royalty Publishing House. She enjoys the creative challenge, working directly with her clients and other creatives, while always striving to produce the best work possible. In addition to her excellent design skills she tries to be an inspiration and be inspired by the world in which she lives.

Simmons’ personal philosophy remains “I give life to a blank space, sheet or canvas my desire is to create designs that speaks to whomever sees them” and while good design should always be innovative and compelling it ultimately should serve the objectives of the client. Her skills include logo/brand development, advertising, digital photography, marketing collateral and website design.

Visit her website to learn about the various services she provides. You can email her at or visit on Facebook or Instagram.