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Submission requirements: We are looking for dedicated writers who are passionate about their craft. You must have a desire to excel and the creativity, and originality to produce quality projects. If that is you, you are in the right place. We are accepting submissions in the following categories of Urban Fiction, Young Adult and African American Romance.

Email your Full Name, Email Address, Phone Number, Social Media Handle (If Applicable) & Complete Manuscript. If Incomplete please send the first three chapters, accompanied by the synopsis to:

Please allow up to one week for review.


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Treasure Malian, twenty-six year-old Authoress, haling from Brooklyn, New York, has always had a passion for reading and writing. Since the tender age of eleven Treasure would write stories, in which she only shared with her friends. Her goal was to become an Attorney, but her love for writing never diminished.

In 2013, at twenty-three years old, Treasure penned her first Novel ‘Power Trip’ which went on to grant her the recognition as a Best Selling Author. Following the Success of her ‘Power Trip’ series, Treasure has gone on to pen seventeen additional Novels, to-date. Her catalog includes bestsellers such as, ‘Fashion Killa’, ‘Married To the Mob’, the successful collaboration ‘A Gangster’s Dream’ and more.

Things for this young authoress are just heating up. Treasure is working tirelessly to bring forth more quality, entertaining, novels. The trail she is blazing has surpassed, just writing. She is now CEO of Treasured Publications, where the focus is to Embed Gems in the industry.