My California King 2: Dream & King’s Love Story Interracial Romance Fiction Novel

My California King 2: Dream & King’s Love Story


“Everyone has their own fate, and the more people try to avoid it, the more trouble they get into.” -Romeo & Juliet by William Shakespeare

The drama has only seemingly just begun in the lives of Dream Dawson and young Salvatore King. Being forced apart from King by her father, Dream finds herself in a heartbroken funk, wanting nothing more than to be with the guy that she had fallen in love with. The guy that her father, Eli, forbids her to be with because, in his eyes, King will never be the guy for his daughter. All Dream really wants is to be happy, and King is the only thing in the world that seems to make her happy. Will Dream go against her father’s wishes and make her own decisions to be happy, or will she forever be under his watch?
King has found all he’s ever wanted and desired when he fell in love with Dream, so losing her from his life just isn’t an option for him. Coming up with the idea of them sneaking around to see each other behind Eli’s back seemed like a great idea, at that moment, but King soon grows tired of the idea and comes up with a plan that will assure that he and Dream will be together forever. Will King’s plan lead him and Dream to their happily ever after, or will this be just another Romeo and Juliet love—ending tragically?


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