Stuck On You 3: Shane and Cheri’s Story Interracial Romance Fiction Novel

Stuck On You 3: Shane and Cheri’s Story


All De’Shane wanted was to have Cherie all to himself. He wanted the family and the fantasy of happiness. Everything came to a screeching halt when he swallowed a handful of pills, hoping to kill himself. Did he survive and dive into gangsters’ business? Someone’s going to have to since the feared drug lord, Apollo Cruz, has finally gone home to his maker.
As for Cherie, adjusting to life without Shane is more than difficult. Once, he told her that together they had plenty of power. She feels more than powerless without the one person who understood her. With her new love interest, Damon, things just aren’t the same. He’s not Shane, and his desperate attempts to come close to recreating the “it” factor that Shane had are falling short.
When hearing the news that he had the wrong woman killed, Terry is forced to go to Virginia to see Cherie face to face. Never being one to lose, Terry is outraged and dumbfounded because he could’ve sworn that the woman he had the hit out on was Cherie. He has no other choice but to finish what he started by visiting his ex-fiancée himself to get it over with.


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