Author Spotlight

Natisha Raynor

Natisha Raynor discovered her love for reading in third grade. As she got older she preferred being in her bedroom reading a good book versus playing outside. Natisha began writing her own stories at 12 years old, when the books she was reading no longer held her interest. In 2015 she self published her first novel and since then she’s penned more than thirty books.

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Readers' Choice

Married To A Haitian Mob Boss 2: The Finale

Adair is struggling to come to grips with Emiko leaving. His fear that she will never come back has him telling himself that he’ll never give a woman two chances to do him dirty. Heartbreak is new to him, and it’s something that Adair never wants to feel again.  

Emiko has been to hell and back. Realizing that she was about to self-destruct was possibly the first sign that she wasn’t too far gone. She must learn to stop depending on Adair and learn how to function on her own, but that may be easier said than done. Will she finally get it together or will heartbreak from life’s losses, cause her to lose the man that loves her more than anything?