Royal Release

A Thug's First Lady Makes All The Dopeboys Go Crazy 2


A lion does not apologize for its roar, so she never apologized for her power. Twenty-nine-year-old lawyer, Brie, had life all figured out. Although she had a few obstacles to overcome, she always played the hand that was given. No one knew that she was connected with drugs because of her occupation. Being the beautiful, powerful, and fearful woman that she is, she doesn’t have time for love, until one brief encounter in an elevator with a man named Rock, a drug lord she planned to help keep out of prison, changed her life. When things between the two start to heat up, Brie is forced to show just how powerful she is. Only Rock is blindsided by it all.

Rock, the dishonorable drug lord, is a man of power. Once you have the power, you gain success. Thinking he is living his best life, Rock is granted prison time because of the lady on his arm. All of that changes when he meets Brie, a lawyer that takes over his case. She is the perfect lawyer. Seeing her walk as if she is fearless, he has to have her. Being so caught up with getting Brie, Rock misses the beware sign that came with her. Beware… for I am fearless and therefore powerful.

When Brie is asked to handle a meeting with the plug, she shows just how powerful she is. Never would she have thought the meeting would be with Rock. Revealing who she truly is, Rock can’t help but to think that she was never the woman he fell for. Trying to love Brie has Rock going crazy. Since fear and love can’t go together, will it be safer for the two to fear than love?