Falling For A Compton Bully’s Love Interracial Romance Fiction Novel

Falling For A Compton Bully’s Love


Amare Della was crowned the Man of the City, after bullying the dope game in the city of Compton. Amare wasn’t your average dealer, nor your average guy from Compton. After hitting rock bottom and then making a sudden rise after the death of his first wife and mother of his kids, he had no choice but to man up and take care of his two children alone. Along the way, Amare finds himself in love again, twice.
Tynissa Graves is an all-around girl from the Westside of Los Angeles, with the business sense of a suburban living corporate mentality. She wasn’t into guys from Compton, especially with the reputation she had to keep up as being known as popular, along with her sisters and best friend. However, after unexpectedly meeting Amare, she soon after falls in love with him. But after the death of her father, she abandoned the man she loved, leaving him to fill that void with another woman, and leaving her to move on to another man…
But with so much going on around Amare, he didn’t have time to fight for the women he loved the most, and he definitely had a hard time choosing who he really had feelings for. With two ride or dies and one heart, he’s forced to choose the woman he truly loves, even though it’s a hassle. Will Amare find the love he is looking for, or will his life as a certified bully or the drug game take a toll and leave him lonely…?


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