Royal Release

In My Feelings 2: A Love Story


When Craig and Karletta Hall begin their new and exciting life as a married couple, they have no idea of the drama about to head their way. Anticipating the birth of his first child, the apple of his eyes whose mother is Kyri Greene, his former side-chick, Craig is eager to finally become a father and change his womanizing and chauvinistic ways for not only his son, but his beautiful new wife. However, his world gets turned upside down when Kyri loses custody of their son, leaving Craig devastated and having to fight the state to gain his custodial rights. Will he be able to convince the cold-hearted judge to rule in his favor, or will his only son become lost in the system forever?

Raven Brown is finally free from captivity from the greedy hands of Sunny, a powerful dope boy and self-proclaimed boss, thanks to her loyal bae, Rodney. Tensions and frustrations grow high in her life when she’ll have to depend on her former drug addict mother who has unexpectedly come crawling back in her life after hearing of her kidnapping. Rodney is out for blood and will stop at nothing to get Sunny’s ass laid out in a casket by any means necessary for the hurt he’s caused Raven. Will Rodney get his revenge and put Sunny out of his misery, ending him for good, or will the tables turn and bring even more life-threatening trouble their way?

Tish Lopez and her boyfriend, Tyrone, are finally back boo’d up after his six months of jail time from assaulting her daughter’s father, Raheem. Unfortunately, when Raheem gets in an almost life-ending car accident one night, she’ll find herself having to take on the responsibility of his caretaker when his gold-digging, selfish wife, Rosie, decides to flee the states after finding out he won’t be of any benefit to her financially anymore. After quarreling with both Tyrone and Rosie about her controversial decisions, she’ll soon enough find out that everything that glitters isn’t gold when Tyrone makes a confession to her, telling her a big secret that will potentially ruin the perfect life for them that she thought was already beginning.