Like Romeo & Juliet: His Love Is All I Need Interracial Romance Fiction Novel

Like Romeo & Juliet: His Love Is All I Need


“It’s like Romeo and Juliet. I'm not living without my baby. Can't nothing come between you and me. Don't forget, I'm a ride or die like Romeo and Juliet. Romeo and Juliet ride together, high together. I swear we gon’ die together like Romeo and Juliet. Just like Romeo and Juliet, I swear we gon’ die together like Romeo and Juliet.”-Tynisha Keli

Dream Dawson and Salvatore King have been compared to Romeo & Juliet since their love story began. They were children of sworn enemies, but they showed their fathers and the world that nothing could come between the two of them. They were both all in from the start, ride or die, for one another until the very end, but never did they imagine that death would tear them apart. It had been a year since Dream was kidnapped and King was shot and presumed dead. King had to make the decision to either go to Heaven with Sole, or wake up and continue with his life. He makes the decision, but is it the right decision, or has he just caused more trouble in his own life?

Dream has taken the news of King’s “death” hard and has entered a state of depression. She even found herself comatose for a brief period. With the incident behind her, Dream finds herself living life alone, raising her two handsome sons, Kinsley and Elijah. Dream has done the best that she could to heal from the pain of losing her first love and moving on with her life, but after an unexpected run in with her past, Dream begins to question whether death was strong enough to tear her and King apart, or did she just imagine the entire scene?

Just when she’d gotten the love of her life back, tragedy suddenly struck in Summer’s life, when Zaire disappears without a trace. Now, a mother of their four-month-old daughter, Zariah, Summer tries to figure out how she can move on with her life without Zay by her side. All out of answers, Summer turns to God and receives the shock of her life when Zaire returns unexpectedly. Can Zaire explain his reasons for leaving Summer, in hopes that she’ll forgive him, or will it be too late for love?

Join Salvatore King and Dream Dawson for one final ride in their epic love tale as they prove to the world that not even death could keep them apart. They are certainly down to ride like Romeo and Juliet. Will this finally be their happy ending, or is there someone lurking in the shadows to tear them apart? Will these friends be able to move on from the incident, or will it be something that changes their lives forever?


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