Royal Release

Maine & Mia: Feelings On Safety


I put my feelings on safety. So I don’t go shootin’ where your heart be…

Sa’Mia “Mia” King was the princess of her father’s empire. She ain’t have to do nothin’ but chill and spend her daddy’s money. She was the apple of his eye, and all he wanted was for her to get an education and stay as far away from the dope game as possible. But you can’t be raised by a kingpin and have a sweet tooth for the streets. She watched her daddy’s every move and even his back. But when she found herself meetin’ the man she was gonna marry, she lost focus. And that mistake cost her more than she was prepared to lose. 

Arkino “Maine” Shane was a young Dallas nigga tryna make ends meet and some quick cash so that he could get outta the hood. But the money was too tempting, and even more tempting was his best friend, Kong’s sister, Sa’Mia. She caught his eye from the jump and made him rewrite his future plans to include her. But when the time came to pick sides, and either be loyal to Kong or Mia, he chose the one that would save Mia’s life. 

Kellen “Kong” King was that nigga and the next in line to be the man in Dallas. He was a hotheaded fast talker that did what the hell he wanted. His dad, King, was getting tired of rescuing his son, and decided to teach him a lesson… Nothing is guaranteed. 

The King family, feared and revered in Dallas, found themselves on opposite sides and at odds when the tie that binds was no longer around. Maine found himself in the middle of a sibling rivalry that would have him in a tug of war between his heart and his homie. It would be hard to choose sides, but soon, he may have to.