Royal Release

No Love In These Streets: A Hostile Takeover


Harlyn “GeGe” Gibson is a “get it by any means necessary” type of girl. Growing up in the slums, she always dreamed of living a life better than the one she was afforded. She gets her chance when her and her best friends, Ariyana and Alena, get into the murder-for-hire game becoming the most sought out assassins in the city of Detroit. The money starts to roll in, and she is finally content with her life, until she’s approached by Martell—a blast from her past—about a hostile takeover in the drug game. She doesn’t even bat an eye before agreeing to help the man she always loved but could never have. 

Martell “Coop” Smith was thrown into the street life at young age by his uncle who was grooming him to take over his drug empire when the time was right. On his eighteenth birthday, his uncle is gunned down by some small-time drug dealers trying to take his spot—or so he thought. When he learns that his uncle wasn’t the kingpin he’d said he was, he’s thrown for a loop, but not for long. Martell decides that he is made for this life and one death wasn’t going to stop him from having what he knows should be his. Almost six years later, Martell is ready to put his plan into action. He enlists the help of his two best friends, Bennett and Nigel, and his childhood love, Harlyn, to assist him in the most hostile takeover Detroit has ever seen.

In this first installment, lines will be crossed, secrets will be exposed, and bonds will be broken. Will they remain untouched or will this hostile takeover turn against them?