Myiesha Mason

Myiesha Mason is 27 year’s old and was born in Paterson, NJ. Raised in a single parent home and the oldest of 5 children. Growing up in Alexander Hamilton Projects where her  father became victim to the everyday violence that took place. In 1989 before her first birthday her father was shot and killed. A teenager and now single parent my mother did her best to raise me with the help of my grandmother.

Growing up I wasn’t really a people’s person I stayed to myself, watched TV and daydreamed. I attended Eastside High School famously known from the movie “Lean on Me” was where I first developed a love for reading. The first book I ever read was True to the Game by Terri Woods and since then my love for urban novels had grown. Graduating with a degree in Criminal Justice and now a single mother of a two year old daughte,r I find spare time during my commute to Brooklyn for work every day. With a lot of spare time and a vivid imagination A New Jersey Love Story was created with many more to come.